Are you sick of watching other online  coaches rock those freaky high "K" cash months when you know it's meant to BE YOU? 


Wanna come out of hiding to make a booty-shaking reel on TikTok - exactly how you look right now - that makes you AND your people drool so hard, y'all can't stop watching?


Do you want to be shutting down creeps who weird you out on your live-streams as easily as you do the dishes, giving them just as much low-to-NO energy,  because you KNOW you've got you, no matter what, from now on?


If you're BURSTING out of your skin, because you can't wait to unleash that wilder version of you that's been hiding and waiting inside, for far too long, you're in the right place.



Hey, I'm Gina.


Not that long ago my Inner Mean Girl ran my life as I over-worked myself at a job that made me sick and kept me broke, alone and ignoring my body.


Now I own an online mentoring business that I FREAKIN' LOVE, which has generated 4-figure cash days, many times over. I rock reels wearing tight skirts, crop tops, and bralets in a world that hates on plus-size women, because I surround myself with people I love. 


Since 2009, I've been helping women do the same by using my signature transformation process, along with my 4 main tools:


🔮 intuitive guidance,

🔮 reiki,

🔮 masterful money mindset, and

🔮 manifestation rituals.

7 Steps to Your First or Next 4-Figure Day, Doing What You Love: