Hey! I'm Gina.


Not that long ago I was frozen stuck under my Inner Mean Girl's bullying, when it came to generating success for myself.


Then I melted the ice off her, so I could BLAST into the 5-Figure Day level of success I knew I was born for.


I'm here to help you do the same.

This is where I started, *before* I learned how to see my depression and anxiety as gifts, NOT curses: 


Depression, anxiety and burnout were the gifts I never knew I had...


...but how could I EVEN call them gifts, when the trauma in my early life was so loud that it drowned out most of the love and giggles that were also a part of my childhood?


This is how my Inner Mean girl was born. She was there to defend me from all that was going on. Mean as she was, she was trying to protect me.


My twenties were then spent trying to run from my depression and anxiety, by drowning myself in alcohol in high school and my early twenties (under the guise of "oh they're just kids having fun"), then binge-eating food became my coping in my thirties. 


I had to find a way to deal with the shame I felt about having depression and anxiety! I needed to run away from the feeling I had carried since childhood, that there was something deeply wrong with me, that nobody could REALLY love me because of it, and that I could never amount to anything, let alone a success, as society defined it.


When I entered the career world, I could hide it for the most part. I could pretend to be normal, pretend there wasn't throbbing inner pain and conflict living inside me, but there would always be a burnout period, where I had to see my doctor, because I couldn't cope anymore. I would burn out


- which I realize now is what happens when we don't resolve the inner war between our soul who loves us just as we are, and the programmed parts that make us feel bad, wrong, not good enough, never worthy enough.


Until I resolved it, I was destined for dark, solitary periods of self-loathing, and beating myself up internally, because I couldn't be normal, I couldn't be consistent. I couldn't be "like everybody else."

Basically, I couldn't show my true self - and definitely not let her SHINE out into the world, because I wasn't normal. I was never good enough.


Scary as it was at first, and there were many many MANY times I wanted to quit, but entrepreneurship became the vehicle to help me transform it all.



Here is the Work, Money & Business part of my journey ...


In this video, I share how I went from


over-worked and underpaid


to making 4+5-figure cash days,


doing what I absolutely FREAKIN' love:



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