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This 1:1 service is for you, if we share core values:


💃🏻 Integrity and respect first. We are all on a journey, souls in bodies, walking this earth together. We honour people from all walks of life.


💃🏻 Outside of our dedication to be adult humans who do no harm, the universe is our playground! We were born to thrive and have a whole lot of fun here, including while working and making money.


💃🏻 We respect all spiritualities, religions, life philosophies and faiths.


💃🏻We respect all gender presentations and sexual identification and lifestyles (again, as long as they are adults doing no harm).


💃🏻 We respect all businesses models and visions people may have for their businesses. While I personally have never belonged to an MLM,  some of my clients have and do. Being controversial doesn't stop us from supporting our people and fulfilling our dreams.


💃🏻 Strategies are a playground, the internet has tons of them. We love and use strategies, but we know that this inner work we do together, is 80% of success. 


💃🏻 We see our mentors and coaches as part of our support team. They are not gurus on a pedestal  (including me!). They are here to empower us.


💃🏻 We are committed to breaking down the barriers that hold our people back, so we can fulfill our visions for an authentic, loving, thriving world.


💃🏻 We are open about our challenges, financial and otherwise, so we aren't misleading people or participating in creating false illusions about success.



💃🏻 Our dedication is to our life purpose, which is win-win for ourselves and the people we care about, including everyone we serve through our businesses. By doing this work, together, we know that when we put our heads on our pillows for the last time, at ninety years old, we will be smiling, feeling accomplished, and fulfilled, because we did what we came here to do. This gives us energy, vitality, and life! 

💃🏻 Get into close proximity to a living, breathing example of the result you want, getting your questions answered along the way. 


💃🏻 You can find yourself taking action instead of self-sabotage, because investing in a coach often delineates that.


💃🏻 You’ll receive customized tools, techniques, rituals, suggestions and strategies to suit your lifestyle right now.


💃🏻 You can expect regular validation and celebration for your unique gifts. This is like gold to spiritual entrepreneurs and witches who are too often frowned upon in a world where they aren’t mainstream.


💃🏻 Reaching your 4-figure goal can feel easier, faster, and a lot more fun on this track of working 1:1 with Gina, which is, at its core, a light speed track to your success.


💃🏻 I will be deeply in your corner, holding a loving, solid, skilled container for you to move forward in.


💃🏻 One thing I will hold you 100% accountable for is your vision, because I act as your  support as you master the art of staying dedicated to it. This way, if you get caught up in life’s distractions or tougher situations, I will guide you back on track to unfolding of this vision in your present day life.


💃🏻 If you really are ready to stop being a slave to distracting rabbit holes that steal years of time from your life, then I help you release them. You know the ones, they have you indulging in (aka wasting time with) thoughts like these:


“I don’t have what it takes,”

“maybe this isn’t for me,”

“this is too big,”

“I want to quit.”


Are you ready to commit and draw a line in the sand with me?




Note that I *only* do private 1:1 coaching with people who are willing to have a 3 or 6 hour "deep dive" first, here's why:


Whenever I have had quick, short sessions with mentors and coaches, I have left feeling ripped off, or like something was missing.


This is because we cannot make significant shifts in tiny short containers of time. We can have AHA moments, for sure, but those are fleeting. Deeper work is where it's at, to see actual results - and that's what I'm here for. Your results!


All of this to say, that the minimum length of time for your first private 1:1  conversation with me, is 3 hours.


PLUS before we even speak, you are sent an in-depth questionnaire. This is optional, but some people find it super juicy to add to their intensive experience!


If you're my people, you agree that the deeper the better, so we are HERE FOR ALL OF THIS!


Are you ready to dive deep with me?

Okayy so how does this work + WHAT will we be doing, during our time together? 


Pick my brain for half (3 hour) or full day (6 hour) session!


This is a virtual session, custom to exactly how you'd like to use it. We will meet on Zoom phone or video (up to you), and pre-plan breaks in advance if you want any breaks.


Ideas for how to use this time: plan out achieving your next goal, step by step. Plan out your online course/consultation business, include:  

  • knowing your core business values, message,
  • what to sell,
  • how to sell, which prices to charge,
  • what programs and support to engage behind the scenes.
  • Money monster clear-outs are also very popular for these sessions,
  • as I do reiki for you, PLUS
  • I answer any and all of your questions. Or, design a day of your own, or just be with me, then see where your intuition leads you - I am available to "go with the flow" if you like a less structured day. This day is 100% your day, your way. 

What you'll get:

  • questionnaire to fill out as soon as you sign up (optional, but here if you want to start DIVING IN to this energy right away)
  • your Intensive on Zoom (either audio or video, it's up to you!)
  • recording of the session for you to download and keep forever.



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Ongoing Weekly Support (Optional)


After your initial 3 or 6 hour intensive with me, you will have the option to add weekly follow-up sessions for extra, ongoing support.


You'll  you may purchase a follow-up package after your intensive, as long as it is within a two month period (because this is when the potency from your intensive is highest, which has a great impact on your goal achievement results).


Follow-up packages are available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month packages.

Your Next Steps to Work with Me on a private 1:1 basis:


1. Click "Apply Now" at the bottom of this page to fill out a brief form.


2. Watch for my response to your form, which will arrive within next two business days (you will let me know the best way to reach you in the form).


3. We will then have a chat, in which you'll let me know your session length (and follow-up package, if you want that option). Once your payment is made an email is automatically sent out to you with my schedule, so you can book yourself in.

Investment Levels for Full & Half Day Intensives + Ongoing Follow-Up Weekly 1:1  Coaching with Me


Full Day (6 Hour) Intensive: $2,555. USD


Half Day (3 Hour) Intensive: $1,222. USD


Follow-Up Weekly Calls: This becomes available after your initial 3 or 6 hour intensive (I *only* do weekly calls after you've had a 3 or 6 hour intensive, because I've found that results are astounding this way!). Investment for 1:1 Weekly Ongoing support starts at $1,333. USD per month for 40 min audio calls.

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