This is a Month-Long Mentoring Intensive - no masterminds, no groups - just you and me, baby!



Discover exactly what to do, step by step, to start and build a mentoring business that is both successful, AND fulfills you.


PLUS … ask all the questions you’d like during our weekly calls and even in between calls on our 24/7 communication app.


I’ll be there for awesome accountability support and  potent get-into-steady- action momentum mentoring that will have your ideal prospective mentoring clients in your DMs, excited to work with you.

This is for the woman who is ready to become a Well-Paid Professional Mentor.

She has time freedom. Her business doesn’t overwhelm her. She designed it in a way that allows for plenty of time for her own personal self-care, healing, and personal development. Plus, her professional and personal social life, including more than enough time for her family and friends and business besties she adores.


She knows how to generate more than enough money by helping others in her mentoring business. By selling mentoring packages, she finances herself and her own life.


She does business her way. Everything is set up to be a fulfilling experience for both her and her customers. She knows that when work is nourishing, it is win-win for everyone.


She has the confidence to receive and hold those big money waves. She does the internal work required to face a world that doesn’t always support women making great money. Her self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence are not doomed when someone tries to rock her business or personal boat, because she knows exactly how to handle it.



1. In our first 90 minute "Deep Dive To Set Your GPS Meeting" we are going to lay out every step of your goal achievement journey, so that you know exactly what to do, every step of the way, from where you are now, to accomplishing your next big business goal. We will be covering all bases, in great detail, exactly like setting a GPS for your vehicle, when you're heading to a specific destination.



2. We are going to turn your passion for achieving this goal UP UP UP, which will not only make the process of achieving it 2 million times more fun, but it will be a lot easier to move through the steps, and stay consistent as you go. I will teach you how to master the art of leverage and give you tools to keep yourself accountable and celebrating your accomplishments along the way.



3. I'll be right there with you as you take your first action step toward your goal. You are welcome to send me a message on our app at any time, of day or night - where I'll pop in soon after to help you tackle whatever challenge gets in the way - *no matter what* it is, because we've got this, together. This ensures that your metaphorical high heels don't get stuck in any potholes, that we all know will turn into day or week or maybe even years-long visits to larger rabbit hole detours that delay our success. With me at your fingertips, you've got solid protection against this, so that you can protect the one asset none of us can ever replenish in this lifetime: time.



4. I am going to show you how to deepen your motivation and inspiration, to keep the fire we lit in step two going. The tools you learn in this section will last you a lifetime, because you will want to use them for your future goals too, after you smash this one! I will also give you tools to master relationships with people, even if you're an Aquarius, Human Design Projector, introvert-type like me! This includes relationships with clients, business collabs, and the people in our personal life, who we love and adore, OR, feel like we have to tolerate.



5. Mastering the art of consistency with the habits that will have you achieving your goal is our focus for this last step.Then we will work on tracking and evaluating progress, systemizing what worked, and celebrating the F out of it all.

Imagine finding out how EASY achieving your next big business goal can be, with me as your mentor -literally in your back pocket ... THEN leaving with a deep, confident knowing in your bones, that you accomplish any other goal, again and again, for the rest of your life. 

Warning: do not sign up for this program unless you are sure you want to achieve your next big business goal!


because with foolproof tools and air-tight business strategies that fit your style and brand, at every turn, plus my support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our personal app, how could you not achieve your goal? Maybe even this month ... 


Purchase your  package.

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Access to your questionnaire will also be sent out immediately with your receipt. This questionnaire is totally optional and can be filled out any time between now and 48 hours before your first session.


I will then meet you at the video link listed in your appointment confirmation email on the date and time you choose. Or I’ll call you if you prefer telephone/audio only.

The investment for the full month of 24/7 access to me, plus the initial 90 minute session and three 40 minute weekly calls is $1,555.USD 

BUY NOW $1,555.


BUY NOW $1,555.

This is for women who are starting brand new mentoring businesses,


whether from scratch or adding a mentoring service to an already existing business,


AND it's for women who have mentoring business experience already, but haven’t shown up to work in it for a while, so it feels like their business is still new, or they're starting fresh.