Wildly Worthy & Wealthy Now 

Charge your money confidence battery in 30 minutes or less no matter what your current financial situation is.


There’s one top priority when you’re starting a business, doing what you love that pays wildly well: FEELING READY FOR IT, in your internal reality —your inner world— then having a place to go when you feel wobbly and unsure.


This course is exactly that.

I want you to feel confident and worthy in your bones as you start on this journey, knowing you have a place to go to be reminded of, whenever you need one.


This is for the woman who wants to FEEL financial confidence in her bones, starting now: if making freedom money was easy, we’d all be rich.


The problem is that the world teaches us that hard work, the kind that costs you way too much at the personal level, is the only path to wealth — and that is a lie. Action is only part of the equation, and it’s not the first part. 

The problem is that the world teaches us that taking action is the path to wealth — and that is a lie. Action is only part of the equation, and it’s not the first part.

Why not?

Because we won’t even take those actions if our inner environment doesn’t allow us to take on a wealthier woman identity.

This step must come first. We must know, deep in our bones, beyond just a few thoughts or beliefs or excited feelings, that we are not just capable of trying on new identities, but that this specific WEALTHY identity is ours, it's for us - no matter what our life history has looked like so far.

That’s what this course is about.

It's about upgrading your inner landscape so thoroughly - yes with this 40 minute audio as the core foundation - that your outer world has no choice but to change.

Get ready to wear this new “Wildly Worthy & Wealthy Now” identity in a way that even your greatest critic (inner and outer) won't stand a chance against.


They can’t.


This energy is undeniable … and it’s yours - right here, right now, in this 40 minute audio training that will transform the way you see yourself,


so that you can begin the powerful process of shedding “old” identities (of being unworthy, of not having enough) which no longer belong to you.


As soon as you start listening to this high energy training, filled with core truth, you won’t see yourself as a broken, powerless being, again.


Then and ONLY THEN will you be able to start creating powerful habits on a daily basis that will have you actually living a life of freedom in your physical reality.

This inner work must come first.



-“Why me? Why am I worthy of wealth?”

You will be answering this question with certainty and zero doubt by the end of this program.

-“What do I do when I have the thought “who do you think you are?” or when someone actually says that to me?”

You will know exactly what this is, and how to handle it, so it stops getting in your way of success.

-“Am I really worth all this time, attention and money?”

Yes! That will be your answer, unequivocally, without doubt, as you use this home study program to re-align your energy, and therefore physical circumstances, to your wildly worthy and wealthy life.

-“Why am I worth it?? What makes me worthy of it all, of ‘having it all’ like successful people say?”

Get ready to be 100% certain that you are worthy.

-“What if people reject or disown me for being too snobby, too rich, and overall too much?”

This one is so much easier than our monkey minds have us thinking, you will know exactly what to say and do if this ever happens.

-“What if I am living SO FAR from the life I really want, like really at rock bottom, the worst I can imagine, I have never felt worse in my life, do I have to wait to take this program?”

No, no more waiting, Sister. I designed this program for you to use when the worst things happen in life, and you can’t imagine it getting any worse - because it’s exactly the mindset gold in this program you need to move yourself out and through.


  • 40 Minute Audio Training

  • 15 Journal Prompts